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'I make makes £10,000 buying and renting out second

Oct 23, 2023

The 'side hustle' is said to make the TikTok guru thousands of pounds a year from buying and renting out bouncy castles - though there are a few things anyone wanting to try this needs to know

A savvy TikTok guru claims he makes £10,000 a year buying and renting out secondhand bouncy castles.

The user named 'Flipping4Money' has recently earned fans on the social media app for his unique tips on how to earn extra cash from money-making solo business ventures, or 'side hustles'.

In one recent viral clip, the Australian leads a tutorial how to use Facebook Marketplace to "buy as many small kids' jumping castles as you can" before turning them around to make a quick profit.

This involves purchasing the inflatables - some of which appear to be on sale for only $70 Australian dollars (£37) - and then renting them out after advertising them on local groups.

After getting his hands on bouncy castles of different sizes, the video creator will then charge from £24 per day for the smallest to £32 for the largest, meaning he quickly makes his money back.

He also charges a £54 deposit on top, which is refunded upon return.

In total, he claims the scheme makes him an "easy $20k", which is around £10,700. The man tells his viewers that while he initially "wasn't going to share" the tip, he decided it was worth doing if it helps people improve their lives.

He also advises that the inflatables are bought with an air blower, and uses tarpaulin to protect the bottom of the castles.

There are however a few more steps to setting up such a venture that he does not show in the video, and it is essential that anyone attempting something similar makes sure they are fully insured first.

Addressing these concerns in the video comments, he told one user that insurance only costs him only £29 per month in Australia, as the items are "not classed as commercial castles under amusement ride".

Those wishing to start their own bouncy castle business would also need to own and operate a large enough vehicle to transport them to and from bookings, and ensure adequate safety precautions are followed to ensure the safety of all users.

According to the government's HSE agency, health and safety law applies in the UK to the supply, hire and use of inflatables for commercial purposes but does not apply to private, domestic buyers and users.

Restrictions are in place on the inflatables being used in winds above 24 mph, with certain items being subject to a lower maximum wind speed.

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