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Best swimming goggles 2023: Tried and tested in pools, open water and triathlons

Aug 14, 2023

If you want to progress in swimming, just like any other sport, you’ll need a plan of how to get better. Form offers you multiple training plans as well as technique and speed analysis both during and after every session, through a display in the lens itself and through the Form app for smartphones. You’re getting much more than just a pair of goggles when you buy into Form because you’re receiving coaching too. And not just any coaching but real-time, underwater coaching with immediate feedback. You don't have to stop and chat with a coach on a poolside to analyse your form and make changes. Simply look down at the corner of the lens, see how fast you’re going and adjust your technique for a more efficient swim. It's little wonder they’re the goggles of choice for serious swimmers and triathletes like multiple Ironman champion Lionel Sanders.

Although they’re undoubtedly clever, no technical knowledge is required to set these up. It's easy to get started out of the box by following step-by-step instructions on the app. The app has training plans that you can send to the goggles via Bluetooth so you can remember what to do once you’re in the water. It also walks you through how to connect to a Garmin or Apple Watch for a GPS connection and heart rate data.

We found seeing our stats in real-time on the lens to be hugely motivational, as we wanted to push harder to see the numbers go up. The goggles can display the number of lengths, strokes per minute, split times, stroke count and distance per stroke in the interface. Using the stroke rate is especially helpful in open water, where a high stroke rate is associated with better performance.

Despite one side sporting what looks like a small, rectangular box with two buttons on it, the goggles feel balanced on your face. The seals are tight - we never had any water drip in during tests - and the goggles don't fog up.

The price of the goggles includes a year's subscription to the form app, after which it's £13 a month. If you’re chasing a specific swim goal, this is still a huge saving on employing a swim coach.

Best: Lens: UV protection : Anti-fog : Vision: Nose bridge: £211.65