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9 Best dog pools 2023, including an above ground pool for large dogs

Aug 16, 2023

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SUMMER is just around the corner, and it's important we prevent our pooches from overheating when things start heating up.

One of the best ways to combat the weather is a cool dip in the pool, so we’ve rounded up the best dog pools for our four-legged friends.

We’re all looking forward to warmer weather again, but it can quickly get uncomfortable for our pups who are prone to overheating, so it's important to keep them cool.

But that can prove a difficult task if you aren't near any dog-friendly parks or pools, and if you have limited outdoor space.

We recommend investing in their very own dog pool, which is a great way to regulate their body temperature and ensure our furry friends beat the summer heat, all while having fun.

So we’ve scoured the market for the best dog pools to help keep them cool and safe this summer.

We’ve found options for the smallest to the largest pups, including collapsible pools and budget buys.

Our top budget buy is the Archer Collapsible Pet Swimming Pool, which is made from tough eco-friendly PVC, and at under $10 is a bargain.

It's made from non-toxic PVC which makes it the perfect option for pets, as well as being extra durable and leakproof against even the roughest of four-legged friends – but we advise you to trim your dog's nails before they hop in.

Its foldable design makes it great for when you and your pup are on the go, and it's easy to store and clean.

Dimensions: 30cm x 10cm Material: PVC Design: Foldable

Another great pick is the Petace Foldable Dog Pool, which is going for just $19.99 on Amazon right now, and with 4.6 out of 5 stars customers love it.

This model is made from extra-touch 0.55 mm PVC, which prevents it from collapsing, deforming, and puncturing, and an anti-slip base which is important for lively pets.

It features a built-in drainage hole that uses a spiral drain design and included hose adapter that’ll empty the pool in no time at all.

Dimensions: 81cm x 20cm Material: PP Board Design: Foldable

For your small pets, we recommend the MMdipon Dog Pool, which comes in at an affordable $19.99.

It's made from upgraded high-density PP board, which is not just durable but also helps it maintain its structure and can still be easily folded to save space.

You will also get a unique non-slip bottom design of double-deck extra-thick material to provide a safe and sturdy base.

Dimensions: 81cm x 20cm Material: Polypropylene Design: Foldable

If your dog loves chasing your sprinkler then get them the Peteast Dog Splash Pad, which is the ideal way to provide hours of fun for your pooch.

It's made using heavy-duty PVC to withstand your playful pet's claws as well as the hot weather.

All you need to do is attach the Sprinkler Pad to a garden hose or PVC tubing and adjust the water pressure to lower or heighten the spray height and you’re all set.

Dimensions: 130cm Material: Polyvinyl Design: Inflatable and Foldable

If your budget can stretch to it, then the VISTOP Large Foldable Dog Pool is one of the best you can buy, and it's perfect for larger or multiple dogs.

This model is made of extra-tough PVC as well as high-strength PP hard plastic board, making the pool extremely sturdy and scratch-proof.

It is also ideal for kids too, and its non-slip bottom makes it safer for your pets and children to enjoy.

Dimensions: 120cm x 30cm Material: PVC Design: Foldable

The dog pool that stole the show for us was hands down the LUNAOO Foldable Dog Pool, which made it our best all-rounder.

It is not just perfect for your four-legged friends, but also for any little ones you have thanks to its extra large 63-inch circumference.

Made from thick PVC it is easily assembled with no inflation required, just unfold and fill and you’re ready to go.

Dimensions: 160cm x 30cm Material: PVC Design: Foldable

If you want something extra tough and durable then look no further than the Niubya Foldable Dog Pool.

It's made from PVC and a thick and high-strength twin-wall polypropylene sheet which are built-in to support the whole pool's stability.

Most importantly it features an anti-skid bottom to prevent your pets from slipping when they play, but can still be folded up to store and carry on the go.

Dimensions: 81cm x 20cm Material: Polyvinyl Design: Foldable

The K&H Pet Products Pool has a metal frame to prevent the sides from collapsing, it may take a little extra time to assemble but it's worth it for cooling your dogs during a scorcher.

It also features a non-slip and durable vinyl base, which is both easy to clean and safer for your pets.

The convenient drain plug makes it a cinch empty at the end of the day and for any tears or accidents it comes with a patch kit included.

Dimensions: 76cm x 106cm x 18cm Material: Vinyl and Metal Design: Pop-up

Our top collapsible pick is the Petsfit Foldable Dog Pool, which features a double-wall design made of Oxford and nylon fabric.

The double-walled design makes it ideal for preventing leaks and is also puncture-resistant, so your pet's claws will be no match.

Once collapsed the pool folds up into a small flat package that is super portable and takes up no space.

Dimensions: 100cm x 100cm x 30cm Material: Nylon fabric Design: Foldable

Dog swimming pools don't need to break the bank, and we’ve found some great inexpensive buys for you to take your pick from.

Based on our search of the market you can expect to spend in the region of $10 to $60, depending on your budget and what features you are expecting.

If you’ve got little ones running around you may be wondering if your kiddie pool can double up as a dog pool, but they are not all suitable for your canine friends.

Kid's pools are usually made from thin plastic that can easily tear and rip when faced with your pups. But luckily you can double up your dog pool with the kids, like the LUNAOO and VISTOP pools.

While there are plenty of places to find dog pools online, one of the best places to bag yourself a bargain is Amazon.

We love Amazon as there are plenty of brands to choose from, but you can also find some great picks on Walmart, including our top-budget buy the Archer pool.

When you’re on the hunt for a dog pool there are a few things to check off your list to ensure you’re getting the best.

First and foremost you want to ensure it's made from durable material, that way your pooch can play without you worrying about rips or tears.

You’ll also want to make sure it comes with a slip-resistant base so they won't have any accidents when they get over-excited.

Best all-rounder: LUNAOO Foldable Dog Pool Best collapsible: Petsfit Foldable Dog Pool Best budget buy: Archer Collapsible Pet Swiming Pool Best hard shell: Niubya Foldable Dog Pool Best for small dogs: MMdipon Dog Pool Best for big dogs: VISTOP Large Foldable Dog Pool Archer Collapsible Pet Swiming Pool, $9.83 from Walmart – buy here Dimensions: Material: Design: Petace Foldable Dog Pool, $19.99 from Amazon – buy here Dimensions: Material: Design: MMdipon Dog Pool, $19.99 from Amazon – buy here Dimensions: Material: Design: Peteast Dog Splash Pad, $19.99 from Amazon – buy here Dimensions: Material: Design: VISTOP Large Foldable Dog Pool, $42.95 from Amazon – buy here Dimensions: Material: Design: LUNAOO Foldable Dog Pool, $39.99 from Walmart – buy here Dimensions: Material: Design: Niubya Foldable Dog Pool, $21.99 from Amazon – buy here Dimensions: Material: Design: K&H Pet Products Pet Pool, $49.76 from Walmart – buy here $49.76 Dimensions: Material: Design: Petsfit Foldable Dog Pool, $30.99 from Amazon – buy here Dimensions: Material: Design: