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Why This Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept’s Overland Tent Costs $30,000

Dec 22, 2023

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Jeep continued its trend of building concept vehicles capable of overland travel and bringing them to the annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari. On past Safaris we've seen Jeep Gladiators adorned with backcountry gear, retro Jeeps set up for family camping trips, and even a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe shod with meaty tires. For the 2023 Moab event, Jeep outfitted its Grand Wagoneer with a suite of expedition-ready modifications, including a super high-end sleeping setup from the folks at Redtail Overland that's sure to blow your mind.

Atop the Grand Wagoneer concept sits the Redtail Overland Skyloft—and it's far from what you'd traditionally call a tent. Redtail Overland took cues from the luxury off-road camper market when designing the Skyloft, starting with its materials choices.

In order to design a true four-season enclosure that could be secure, lightweight, temperature-controlled, and insulated, Redtail Overland needed to stray from the usual design of rooftop camping quarters. Look at the folding side panels of the Skyloft, for example; where you'd normally find flappy fabric on a true rooftop tent, the Skyloft utilizes foam-insulated carbon-fiber panels. And not just carbon fiber—there are two polycarbonate windows facing the rear of the Grand Wagoneer. In addition to being lightweight, the panels provide additional security when camping in areas where bears are a concern.

Without guy lines to fasten or zippers of any kind, the Skyloft unfolds in seconds, making setting up camp in rotten weather a breeze. When breaking camp, the Skyloft was built so that bedding can remain inside when the enclosure is folded.

Campers can enter the Skyloft and deploy it without leaving the confines of their vehicle. A pass-through built into the floor can be positioned over the vehicle's sunroof for easy access.

In addition to a built-in diesel heater for those colder days, there's a pass-through with a roof-mounted fan ventilation system that can take advantage of the vehicle's air conditioning in order to cool things down during warmer weather. Regardless of the outside conditions, a built-in thermostat helps keep the interior of the Skyloft properly regulated.

Onboard lithium-ion batteries are built into the Skyloft's interior and power is supplied to them via a 330-watt solar array fixed to the roof. The Skyloft is set up to be self-sufficient and completely isolated from the vehicle's power system. Inside the enclosure, you'll find dimmable LED lighting, USB and 110-volt power outlets, a carbon monoxide detector, and much more.

Each Skyloft is hand built to order in Colorado from premium materials with extremely limited availability. Pricing is on par with luxury teardrop campers, coming in between $25,000 and $30,000 depending on the options. Don't think of it as a tent, think of it as a luxury hard-sided camper for your roof.

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