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Inflatable Air Dancer Is a World

Sep 10, 2023

By Jack Moore

We've all seen them. Those giant blow-up dancer things that they have at car dealerships that dance around in the wind. Now it's never been clear to me why exactly a giant, creepy dancing thing is supposed to make me want to get a Toyota instead of a Honda, but people keep using them so I guess they must work. But where most of them just "work," one Twitter use found one that "werks." (No, come back! I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself.) Anyway, it's a perfect ten second video that you are about to fall in love with. (Note: Turn on the volume.)

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The twerking inflatable air dancer is instantly iconic. Prepare to see it in text messages with friends who want to go out and do something fun this weekend. Prepare to see different new songs placed over the video as a means of indicating that said new song is a bop. But if I can offer you a suggestion, it would be this: Bookmark this little video. And every time a news story makes you want to pull your hair out from the root, just open up a tab and enjoy this dancing fool over and over again until you smile. I've already used it three times today and I feel great.