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15 best pool toys for kids of all ages, based on top reviews

Aug 08, 2023



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As we’re gearing up to spend all of our time in the pool — whether that's an in-ground, above-ground or even an inflatable type — there's nothing we recommend more than snagging a few pool toys to make the experience much, much better.

Especially if you’re hosting the BBQ bash of the season, having a few options on hand for entertaining couldn't make for a better vibe. That's why New York Post Shopping cherry-picked the best pool toys for every age — from toddlers to kids to adults. With one of our top pool floats on hand and an outdoor pizza oven getting to work on your patio nearby, you’ll have the golden experience.

Top destinations for pool toys include Amazon and Target, but we outlined more options for you to shop from. You’ll also want to be sure to snag a pool vacuum and pool cover, too, both of which will ensure the cleanliness of your favorite summertime spot. (Related: Best beach toys and games)

If you’re hosting the ultimate block party of the year, you may also want to snag a newly minted portable Bluetooth speaker and a couple of outdoor games for you to make the most of the summertime heat.

And, if you’re looking to upgrade your backyard space in general, shop our expert-backed guide to the best places to buy outdoor patio furniture.

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For a pool toy apt for a toddler, the CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Pool Toy Set is a less-than-$25 option on Amazon that's jam-packed with nearly 30,000 rave reviews. Namely, it's the perfect learning combo, thanks to the parts’ many shapes and textures, and its magnetic design makes it super engaging for little ones.

One reviewer writes, "These are great pool toys for toddlers! Kept my granddaughters occupied for hours!"

If your child loves sensory toys and making a splash, then the Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Splash is one of your best bets. This $25 toy includes a scooping cup, pitcher and water-effects disc that's made of food-grade silicone that's (1) easy to play with and (2) easy to clean.

One reviewer writes, "These are some of my favorite toys for my daughter! Great quality, too!"

For the toddler who loves cars, trains and planes, the Green Toys Seaplane is a wonderful, budget-friendly option that's ideal for the pool. Your toddler will be amazed at its speed from the shallow to the deep end, too.

One reviewer writes, "This is the No.1 toy in my house! It's sturdy and well-made, and my kids love playing with it."

Pick up a toy that's perfect for the pool and bath alike with the Hape Musical Whale Fountain Bath & Pool Toy. For less than $50, they’ll love how the water column dances freely to music. It's also a great way for your little one to learn colors while making a splash.

One reviewer writes, "This toy works well and is a favorite for my baby!"

If your toddler loves ride-on toys, the Hoperock Pool Float is one they’ll surely love. Grab this two pack that's designed with a built-in water gun for some laughter and family fun. It's one of the most unique options on this list, too.

One reviewer writes, "The floats are sturdy and great for holding my 4-year-old. Overall, a fun toy for kids!"

For younger kids who love to race in the water, the Melissa & Doug Louie Lobster Claw Catcher Pool Toy is the perfect option. It's less than $20, won't take up too much space in your shed or pool toy chest and is absolutely adorable.

One reviewer writes, "It's easy to pick up even the biggest piles. It arrived perfectly."

Everyone loves a good pool volleyball and basketball moment. Shop the JOYIN Inflatable Pool Basketball & Volleyball Set for less than $40 and backed by nearly 7,000 rave reviews. Great for kids and adults alike, it's one of our top-recommended, for sure.

One reviewer writes, "It's easy to blow up and assemble. The kids loved the floating net as you can use with other items and balls to throw into."

Speaking of basketball, the GiziGizi Basketball Hoop & Ring Game is a less-than-$25 option that’ll keep the entire pool entertained. Conveniently, it comes with a large manual pump, offering a great value for the price.

One reviewer writes, "They love it in the pool. They have bounced on it and jumped on it as well. Very good for the price."

If you’re skeptical on installing a diving board beside your in-ground pool, buy the next best thing: the HearrthSong Inflatable Super Pool Water Slide. Though a splurge, it’ll be your kids’ favorite pool activity to whip out during the summertime months.

One reviewer writes, "This is a great slide for young kids. My granddaughters are 2 and 6 and they love it."

For the curiosity-seeking kid who loves taking selfies, add the GKTZ Kids Waterproof Underwater Camera to your cart — a sworn-in Amazon best-seller. For less than $50, it makes a great gift, too, and is adored by more than 2,000 satisfied customers for being "a hit for every pool party!"

One reviewer writes, "The waterproof is amazing for underwater shots and keeps kids occupied."

The quintessential pool game for adults? Beer pong, and the Hourleey Inflatable Pong Game Table makes it possible for less than $30. If you want to hangout in the pool, you should snag this unique find ASAP.

One reviewer writes, "This gets used every pool day! It's fun to play and the cupholders are the perfect size."

Ever since we laid eyes on the Polar Whale Floating Poker Table, we’ve been recommending it to everyone IRL. It's ultra-unique, extremely fun and allows you to bring the casino fun to the water. What's better than that?

One reviewer writes, "This is perfect in the pool even with kids jumping in and out; our drinks were fine. We can play cards for hours."

Bring your favorite outdoor game to the pool — corn hole! Just shy of $25, it's great for all ages and especially fitting for your upcoming Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day parties. Even better, it's easy to inflate and deflate.

One reviewer writes, "We love playing this corn hole game. We filled our pucks with water before throwing them. We didn't have any problems with them. We also have someone hold the bottom part of the corn hold base so it doesn't float around while others are throwing the pucks. We have so much fun!!"

The SCS Direct Chicken Fight Inflatable Pool Float Game is one of the most versatile options to buy, simply because you can engage in a playful pool fight or float around on it with a good book and a fresh pink lemonade. For less than $100, it's a steal.

One reviewer writes, "I love these floats. At first I thought I wasn't going to because it takes a bit to learn to get on them. But once you do you are good. It is fun watching a first time user try to get on. Hilarious because they fall backward or head first in. The quality of these floats is excellent. They have lasted all summer without losing any air."

For a budget-friendly pool game, play lacrosse in the pool. It's always a hit (trust us on this one) and is perfect for a kids’ birthday party or evening adult pool moment alike. It's also one of the best space-saving toys you can grab.

One reviewer writes, "My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game in the ocean on our recent vacation. They were easy to pack, durable, and we definitely would buy them again."

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