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Nov 19, 2023

Make new memories with family, friends, and pets in one of these reliable tents

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People / Kristin Kempa

Planning a camping trip? Unless you've got an RV, a tent is essential. If it's a family excursion or you plan on bunking with friends, you'll want to find something big enough to fit everyone comfortably.

According to Bill Gamber, founder and president of Big Agnes, the capacity of a tent tells you how many people can sleep in it. "So if you put four people in a 4-person tent, you should be able to fit four 20 to 25-inch wide pads," he says. However, six-person designs are often a more comfortable choice for four people.

We tested 18 tents firsthand in outdoor settings across the country to help you find one that fits your needs. Each 4-person tent was carefully evaluated for ease of setup and disassembly, user-friendliness, performance, durability, portability, design, and overall value.

Keep scrolling to check out the best 4-person tents PEOPLE tested.


Easy one-person setup and fuss-free disassembly

Spacious and tall; adults can stand upright and enter easily

Sturdy design with removable wind cover

May not comfortably fit six adults

Side gear pockets are somewhat small

Our favorite 4-person tent is technically a 6-person tent, but the extra space makes it all the more comfortable for four people to sleep. The Coleman Sundome is very easy to assemble. It took us five minutes with two people, but you could probably do it on your own in a pinch. And the instructions are stitched into the bag, so you'll never lose them.

This tent is not only spacious but also tall. A 6-foot-2 person can stand up in the middle, and you can easily step in without having to crawl or even duck down. It has sturdy poles that hold it securely upright and a cover that blocks the wind while keeping warm air in. You can also remove the cover to let the breeze in or enjoy a skylight view.

The Sundome is also a cinch to break down, and it fits pretty effortlessly back into its carrying bag. If we could change one thing about this tent, we'd make the side pockets a little bigger so they could hold more camping accessories and personal belongings. But considering the reasonable price and spacious, easy-to-assemble design, we really can't complain.

Price at Time of Publish: $99 (orig. $129.99)

Assembled Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 6 feet | Weight: 16.6 pounds | Capacity: 6 people

People / Alicia Dolieslager

People / Alicia Dolieslager


Quick and intuitive setup and break-down

Roomy and surprisingly tall; adults can stand up inside

Sturdy design stands up to strong winds

Printed floor may not be everyone's cup of tea

The Nemo Aurora Highrise Tent also fared very well in our tests. Setup was quick, easy, and intuitive — it took us about 10 minutes without looking at the instructions. The roomy design is plenty big enough to sleep four adults and even tall enough for people over 6 feet to stand up. This tent is notably durable, with ripstop fabrics, sturdy aluminum poles, and ground stakes. We tested it under strong winds, and it had no problem standing its ground.

Breaking it down was also an intuitive process, and getting it back into its bag was a cinch. Considering the generous size, it's also lightweight and easy to carry long distances. The Aurora Highrise is relatively basic in appearance, but it has a printed floor that may not be everyone's cup of tea. Still, we think the price is fair and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a family-sized tent. (It's only our Runner Up choice due to the slightly higher price tag.)

Price at Time of Publish: $399.95

Assembled Dimensions: 8.3 x 7.5 x 6.3 feet | Packed Dimensions: 25 x 8.5 inches | Weight: 15 pounds | Capacity: 4 people

People / Dylan Thompson

People / Dylan Thompson

People / Dylan Thompson


Easily fits two adults and up to four kids

It has front and rear doors and enough clearance to stand up

Extra-durable design with sturdy poles and thick fabrics

Takes 30 minutes to assemble

Only a mesh door between tent and vestibule; not the most weather-resistant

The North Face Wawona 6 Tent is a great option for large families. Measuring 10 feet long, 8 feet wide, and over 6 feet tall, the spacious design easily fits two adults and up to four kids, depending on their ages. Adults can stand up without hitting their heads, and the front and rear doors allow you to get in without having to crawl over other people. There's also a vestibule where you can keep shoes or stash other camping gear. One downside is that there's only a mesh door between the tent and vestibule, so this isn't the best option for wet weather or cold climates.

It took us about a half-hour to set up this tent, but it should go faster once you get the hang of it (and it only took 10 minutes to disassemble). This tent is also easy to stuff back into its duffle-size bag. With sturdy poles and thick fabric on the floor and walls, the Wawona 6 feels very strong. While it's on the pricier side for a tent, you can expect it to last several years (if not decades), and The North Face backs it with a lifetime warranty.

Price at Time of Publish: $499.95

Assembled Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 6.3 feet | Packed Dimensions: 27 x 10 inches | Weight: 21 pounds | Capacity: 6 people

People / Ben Anderson

People / Ben Anderson

People / Ben Anderson

Sea to Summit

Perfect size for two adults and one child

Intuitive setup and disassembly; easy to roll back into bag

Repels water and blocks winds while still encouraging ventilation

Doesn't come with printed instructions

Not tall enough to stand up in

We also liked the Sea to Summit Ikos TR3. It's technically a 3-person tent, and while it could fit three adults, it's the perfect size for a family of three. It's not tall enough for most people to stand up in, but you can fit a full or queen-size air mattress and a mat for a kid's sleeping bag. Though it doesn't come with printed instructions, setup is pretty intuitive, and the stakes are easy to get into the ground without a mallet.

The poles are notably strong compared to other tents, and the fabrics do an excellent job blocking winds. There's also a water-repellent cover and plenty of ventilation if you want to allow the breeze in. This tent is easy to break down and roll back into its bag. At just 6 pounds, it's also lightweight and easy to carry long distances. The steep price might be hard to justify, but the brand's lifetime guarantee can give you peace of mind about your purchase.

Price at Time of Publish: $528.95

Assembled Dimensions: 7.5 x 6.5 x 4 feet | Packed Dimensions: 20 x 8 inches | Weight: 6 pounds | Capacity: 3 people

People / Andrea Tenborg

People / Andrea Tenborg

People / Andrea Tenborg


Quick setup and disassembly with spacious duffle carrier

Spacious interior can fit two couples or a family

Screened roof offers sky view

Not as fast to assemble as a pop-up tent

If you're new to the world of camping, go with the Marmot Limestone Tent. It might not be quite as quick and easy to assemble as a pop-up tent, but setup is a piece of cake compared to others we tested. One person can assemble it in about 10 minutes, and breaking it down is just as fast — no instructions needed. We also appreciate the spacious duffle-style carry bag, which allows you to pack it back up with minimal elbow grease.

The spacious interior is big enough for a queen-size air mattress and up to four kids' sleeping bags. Alternatively, it could comfortably sleep two couples with room to spare for bags and camping accessories. We also like that the ceiling is tall enough for standing. This tent has a rainfly and zippered mesh windows for ventilation, but our favorite feature is the large screened roof that gives you a stunning view of the stars at night.

Price at Time of Publish: $529

Assembled Dimensions: 10 x 8.3 x 6.3 feet | Packed Dimensions: 28 x 10 inches | Weight: 16.3 pounds | Capacity: 6 people


Surprisingly spacious and tall interior; room for standing and walking

Comfortably fits multiple beds

Mesh cover encourages airflow and keeps temperature down

Takes a half-hour or more to set up

No door ties; material hangs loose when open

At 10 feet long, over 8 feet wide, and 6 and a half feet tall, REI's Wonderland 6 Tent is among the roomiest options we tested. Unfortunately, it took us about 35 minutes to set up, but it might go faster with multiple people, including someone tall enough to reach the middle pole. The surprisingly spacious interior fits a queen-size air mattress, a twin cot, and a dog bed with room to spare for walking around. And the extra-tall ceiling is high enough for adults to stand up.

We're big fans of the mesh cover, which helps get a breeze going and keeps the interior temperature down on particularly hot days. There's also a rainfly if you're expecting precipitation. One drawback is that this tent doesn't have door ties, so the fabric just hangs loose when the zippered entrance is open. Breaking it down is easy enough, but due to the large size, it still takes about 20 minutes. Though the price is steep, we think the Wonderland 6 is worth the investment if you're in the market for an extra-roomy tent that can comfortably fit four or more adults.

Price at Time of Publish: $599

Assembled Dimensions: 10 x 8.3 x 6.5 feet | Packed Dimensions: 32 x 13 inches | Weight: 23 pounds | Capacity: 6 people

People / Megan Wood

People / Megan Wood

When buying a tent, pay attention not only to the capacity but also the overall dimensions. As Gamber explains, the capacity tells you how many people could sleep in it, but this doesn't necessarily mean a 4-person tent is the most comfortable option for four people. In other words, a six-person tent like the Coleman Sundome Camping Tent might be a better choice, as it'll be more spacious, so everyone will have room to walk around the beds or stash belongings.

Family-size tents can weigh anywhere from 6 pounds (like the Sea to Summit Ikos TR3 3-Person Tent) to over 20 pounds (like ​​The North Face Wawona 6 Tent). Go with a lighter-weight option if you have to carry the tent a longer distance on foot.

A smaller stuff sack will be a bit more portable if you're backpacking. On the other hand, larger bags make it much easier to roll the tent back inside, which will save you time when packing up your camp.

Large tents that sleep four to six people can be a bit more complex to put together than smaller designs. However, there are pop-up models and beginner-friendly options like the Marmot Limestone 6-Person Tent that only take a few minutes to assemble. And while you can set up some tents on your own, keep in mind most call for two-person assembly.

The best tents are made of durable, weather-ready materials. This usually means lightweight yet sturdy aluminum poles and water-repellent, ripstop fabrics. "A 68-denier (68D) polyester fabric is very common," says Gamber, explaining that the material is relatively thick for enhanced strength.

A tent should weigh about 2 and a half pounds per person. So if it has a four-person capacity, it might weigh roughly 10 pounds, and a 6-person design might be closer to 15 pounds. But the weight mostly matters when you need to carry the tent a long distance, in which case more than 10 pounds might be too heavy. If you're setting up camp near your car, a heavier design may not be an issue.

A tent should be at least 8 by 7.5 feet to sleep four people. Having said that, a 4-person capacity might not actually be the best option for four people, as this only allows roughly 20 to 25 inches of space per person. A 6-person tent is often a better choice for four people, as it'll allow more space to spread out and walk around the beds.

An 8x10 tent can sleep four to eight people, depending on age and body size. This could be a good option for two adult couples or a family with kids, likely fitting multiple air mattresses and sleeping bags with room to spare for stashing belongings on the sides.

If you're looking to score a discount, the best time to buy a tent is in the early fall. Since most people camp in the summer, there's less demand in September and October, and retailers hold sales to clear out their inventory.

You can also often find deals on camping gear during the holiday season and on major online shopping days, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day. But if you're interested in the newest models, you'll want to shop in the spring when they're released (to beat the summer rush).

People / Ben Anderson

We researched today's best tents and selected 18 models to try firsthand in real outdoor settings across the country. After traveling to our designated camp sites, we started by unboxing the tents and reading through the instructions, and we timed how long it took us to set them up and noted whether any tools or special equipment was needed. Next, we assessed the capacity, including how many beds could fit, whether we could stand up, if there was room to walk around, and whether there was extra space for storing bags.

We slept in the tents and evaluated the tents' sturdiness and weather resistance, noting how well they stayed in place, blocked wind, and kept moisture out. Finally, we broke them down and rolled them back into their bags. Each tent was scored for ease of setup, disassembly, ease of use, performance, portability, design, durability, and value. With price, comfort, and standout features in mind, we narrowed it down to the highest-scoring options.

Theresa Holland is a commerce writer and product reviewer specializing in lifestyle, travel, and recreation. For this story, she compiled insights from our in-house testing team and pored over product specs to craft thorough, trusted recommendations for the best 4-person tents. For additional expertise and tips for buying mid-size family tents, we consulted Bill Gamber, founder and president of the backpacking company Big Agnes.

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