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Shop 19 Puzzles, Board Games & More To Help You Beat The Winter Blues

May 13, 2023

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February might be the shortest month on paper, but it certainly doesn't feel that way. The days are often gray, overcast, and without much to look forward to. Plus, even though we can say for sure that each one gets a minute more daylight scientifically speaking, it often seems like the opposite.

That's before I even get to the weather. It's cold! It's wet! It's windy! This all means that we're spending more time than usual indoors, and it's so easy for that to drive us nuts. Without fresh air, exercise, or literally anything else that goes on outside of the house, we quickly run out of activities.

The video games finish. Those must-stream TV lists get shorter and shorter. So, folks, I'm here to remind us all that....there's another way! Good old-fashioned analog games.

Card games. Board games. Puzzles. Things you can play as a family. Games you can use to occupy yourself! I can't say for sure that these are cures for cabin fever, of course, but they are treatments. Scroll on for a few of my favorite picks.

For those who like chess but wishes it were also somehow a drinking game, this one is for you.

Miss the competition of bar games, but not so excited at the idea of leaving the house to play one? Ta-da! Magnetic darts.

Whether you play it hand-held or hook it up to a larger screen, the Nintendo Switch can provide endless hours of entertainment for everyone. If you're planning to download Stardew Valley, I'd recommend you plant strawberries and blueberries.

On the other hand, there's this third edition of the "That's What She Said" card game, which might help spice up a regular game night.

I'm going to be honest with you: I have no idea how or when backgammon became such a thing, but it is very much back. So whether you're jumping on a trend or resurrecting an old hobby, this wooden set is just what you need.

Monopoly: Really fun, really long, and there's almost never a game that finishes with a discernible winner. Enter the Monopoly card game! It plays through quickly and is good for most ages. No more fighting over which metal piece you want to be.

There's something endlessly charming about an old-school, hands-on, in-person game of Trivial Pursuit. Provided there aren't any misprints, of course.

Admittedly, Trivial Pursuit can be a little difficult for the whole family to join in on. The answer? One specifically developed for everyone to play together.

Bridge? Hearts? Canasta? Whatever your game of choice, this dual set of extra-wide cards is sure to make a couple's (or group) game night a success.

Nothing complements a quiet night in like this charming puzzle that represents one.

I admit, I learned to play this game on an electronic and talking version that was themed after a major film franchise. But the classic manual one is pretty sweet, too.

Nothing gets you as close to a sugar high without sugar as much as playing a good old-fashioned game of Classic Candy Land. (Dibs on Queen Frostine.)

When you want to limit the kids' screen time but aren't sure what to do instead, enter Family Uno,

Kick-it old school with this set of chips, cards, and anything else you need for a classic game of poker.

Like houseplants? Love houseplants? Admire the concept of houseplants, but find yourself unable to keep them alive? Whatever your relationship to indoor greenery, this cute little puzzle is for you.

There's a non-zero chance that after everything we've been through in the last few years, the prospect of yet another winter indoors with board games isn't quite as appealing anymore. But this reversible, multiple-games-in-one-board set just might bring that excitement back. Plus, maybe you can play a bunch at once for maximum chaos.

An old-school arcade game that you don't have to wait in line to play! What's better than that?

Like your puzzles challenging? This one, filled with swirling, colorful marbles, will most certainly occupy a few wintry weekends.

This trippy puzzle celebrates all things board game without you needing to refresh any rules for the group.

Speaking of games: These are the must-haves for hosting Super Bowl viewing party.