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Five practical packing tips for festivals

Dec 14, 2023

With Radio 1's Big Weekend already over and Parklife and Download taking place this weekend, the festival season has officially begun.

And, as the excitement for these iconic events builds, online retailer Studio has noticed a spike in Pinterest searches for ‘festival outfits’, which have increased by 55% compared to the same time last year.

For those looking forward to their own festival experience this summer, the experts at Studio have shared 5 handy tips to pack the right items and maximise your bag space.

Even at the height of summer, we all know you can't trust the British weather, so make sure you pack plenty of layers.

Think thin layers that you can swiftly pull on over your head as the warm days mellow into cooler evenings. We’re talking oversized shirts, long-sleeved tees, jumpers, and hoodies – anything to keep you comfy in the great outdoors.

To save space in your bag, we recommend choosing layers that can be worn with all of your outfits over the weekend, rather than specific layers for individual outfits. It's also worth packing a lightweight waterproof jacket too, just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Whether you’re sharing a tent with a friend or camping solo all weekend, there just isn't enough space to unpack and neatly organise your outfits for each day. That's why we recommend sorting out your outfits before setting off for the weekend.

Pre-plan what you are going to wear each day and then pack those items together in your bag, including your underwear and socks. And, if you don't fancy rummaging around in a small tent every morning, try using packing cubes or small organisation bags to keep each outfit together.

You should also pack your outfits in order of when you’ll wear them. For example, Sunday's outfit goes in first, followed by Saturday's and then so on and so forth. This means you can unpack your preferred outfit each day, without messing up your entire system!

Worried about creases ruining your fresh festival look? Instead of folding, roll your clothes before packing them into your bag. Not only will you minimise those unsightly creases, but rolled-up items also take up less space, meaning you can potentially pack more festival outfits.

Start by laying the item you want to pack onto a flat surface to ensure all the wrinkles have been smoothed out. Then, roll up the clothing from the bottom hem and pop into your packing cube or bag.

With your chosen outfits rolled and ready to go, you next need to think about how you squeeze your essentials, such as toiletries and suncream, in your bag too.

Well, if you’re heading to a festival with a group of friends, why not share these essentials across all of your bags?

Each person in the group can take responsibility for packing a certain essential item that everyone can use over the weekend. Maybe one person carries the toothpaste, someone else packs the suncream, and another brings dry shampoo.

Everyone gets to save some space in their bags, leaving more room for cosy layers, extra outfits, or energising snacks.

There are no two ways about it: snacks are an absolutely essential addition to your festival bag. Not only do they help cure sore heads in the morning, but they help you save money on food at the festival.

So, make sure you save space in your bag for some tasty snacks. Foods that don't require any prep are your best bet here, with cereal bars, crisps, and chocolate all being firm festival favourites. Tuck them in around your clothes or fill the outside pockets of your bags for easy access when you need a quick bite to eat.

If you’re after a bit of snack inspiration, dried fruit and nuts are a tasty choice that add fibre, protein, and fatty acids into your festival diet. Protein bars are also a great shout, as they help to keep your energy levels up for dancing all weekend.

1. It's all about the layers 2. Think about outfits, not just clothes 3. Roll, don't fold 4. Share the load with friends 5. Don't forget about the snacks!