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Best rebounder and exercise trampoline deals on Amazon

Nov 10, 2023

Looking at summer head on, we're in the mood for a new cardio workout. We still love our at-home bike and treadmill, but we keep seeing social media videos of trampoline and rebounder workouts. We must admit, we're intrigued.

So intrigued that we took advantage of Amazon's sale on Jumpsport 350f, $379 (reduced from $479), and now we've among the cardio converts who can't get enough of rebounder and exercise trampoline workouts.

Thankfully, Amazon has a great selection and great deals.

"When it comes to cardio," New York-based digital rebounder platform The Ness co-founder Aly Giampolo told us,"It doesn't get any better than rebounding. Studies show that rebounding is three times as effective as running: In just 10 minutes of rebounding you can build just as much endurance and burn just as much energy as you would in 30 minutes of running. Additionally, it's low impact so it allows you to get dynamic, cardiovascular endurance training without putting additional strain on your joints."

WIth the ability to replicate the intense cardio burn of a run combined with intricate (or simple) danced-based moves, rebounder and exercise trampoline workouts are a fun, intense workout. They can be varied every time you step on your rebounder -- a fantastic cardio alternative for fitness enthusiasts who can't stand the monotony of at-home bikes and running.

Rebounders and exercise trampolines can be used for more than bouncing. Turn your rebounder on its side and it doubles as a ballet bar perfect for leg lifts and glutes workouts. Or, use the height of the rebounder like a plyobox one might do jumps, leg lifts, and squats on at the gym.

What to look for in a rebounder: Most at-home rebounders are usually between 39 and 44 inches in diameter, constructed of a bungee system that attached the base of the rebounder to the frame. We look for sturdy frames and a tight bungee system that can be tightened as it loosens over time. When it comes to diameter, consider the space you'll be storing your rebounder. If space isn't an issue, consider the larger diameter, which gives you more flexibility in your workout.

Some exercise trampolines feature collapsable legs or a base that folds in half. These are great for easy storage, but are often less sturdy. We look for rebounders like the Jumpsport 350f, which has arched legs that can't tip over.

A rebounder or exercise trampoline can either provide a quick cardio boost to your day, or an intense workout that has you sweating like you just finished a marathon. Likewise, rebounders also provide a terrific way to get your body moving without impact on your joints and knees.

We recommend a rebounder with a handle for balance, like the 4.5-star-rated Bcan foldable mini trampoline, $130, for anyone with concerns about balance and stability.

For those using a handle-free rebounder , keep a bend in your legs and stay low for balance, rather than trying to bounce as high as possible.

Now, let's bounce on to those amazing deals on Amazon.

One of the biggest names in rebounders and exercise trampolines, Jumpsport is synonymous with at-home bungee rebounders. Jumpsport's rebounders feature patented no-tip legs, which provide stability and safety even during the most active workout session. Jumpsports 350f rebounder (32.5"L x 32.5"W x 4"H) comes almost fully assembled and folds in half for easy storage.

Assembled with 30 bungee cords attaching the skirt to the frame, the rebounder's skirt covers the cords for safety while providing over 50% more exercise space. Rated 4.6 stars.

Jumpsport 350f, $379 (reduced from $439)

The Fit Bounce Pro XL (47-inch frame) features an extra-large bouncing area, perfect for rebounder enthusiasts who want to take on elaborate moves or work for an intense run on the rebounder. The spring loaded bungee construction gives maximum stability and control to your workout. Engage core muscles while working legs, glutes and cardio, all while detoxifying and toning. Rated 4.7 stars.

Fit Bounce Pro XL Foldable Bungee Rebounder, $474 after coupon (reduced from $695)

A great choice for rebounder novices or anyone concerned about balance, Bcan's 40-inch foldable mini trampoline features an easy-to-clean waterproof mat and a powerful elastic recovery system (not suitable for children under 6 years old).

This foldable trampoline can be stored without taking off the mat, a bonus for those in small spaces who want to regularly store their rebounder. The heavy duty handle bar can be adjusted to four different levels ranging from 2'6" to 3'5 for stability.


Bcan 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline, $130 (reduced from $200)

This safe, durable rebounder by Leaps and Rebounds (40.16"L x 40.16"W x 11.81"H) features high-quality bungee construction and thick gauge steel to prevent warping. In addition to a durable rebounder, the bungee system means a quieter workout – no squeaking or metal-on-metal scraping noises.

The protective mat covers the bungees for a safer bounce and a larger workout area. The legs easily screw off for transport or storage if needed.

Leaps and ReBounds Rebounder, $220 (reduced from $250)

Newan's 4.5-star-rated home rebounder (40"L x 40"W x 9"H) is designed with 30 thick ropes providing a joint-friendly bounce without the noise of metal clips and cables. The trampoline itself is made from strong anti-tear mesh and six strong legs support up to 330 pounds on the rebounder.

A strong choice for beginners, the price can't be beat. Be sure to apply the coupon before checkout at Amazon to save an extra 10% on the $80 sale price.

Newan Maximus Pro Bungee Rebounder, $72 after coupon (reduced from $90)

at-home bike treadmill, Jumpsport 350f, $379 (reduced from $479) Save $100 on 4.6 star-rated rebounder: JumpSport 350f 39" Indoor Fitness Trampoline , $379 (reduced from $479) Silent and folds in half for easy storage: Fit Bounce Pro XL Premium Bungee Rebounder, $499 (reduced from $695) For beginners, save 35%: BCAN 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline, $130 (reduced from $200) What to look for in a rebounder Jumpsport 350f Bcan foldable mini trampoline, $130 handle-free rebounder , Jumpsports 350f rebounder Jumpsport 350f, $379 (reduced from $439) Fit Bounce Pro XL Fit Bounce Pro XL Foldable Bungee Rebounder, $474 after coupon (reduced from $695) Bcan's 40-inch foldable mini trampoline Bcan 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline, $130 (reduced from $200) durable rebounder by Leaps and Rebounds Leaps and ReBounds Rebounder, $220 (reduced from $250) Newan's 4.5-star-rated home rebounder Newan Maximus Pro Bungee Rebounder, $72 after coupon (reduced from $90) Neoprene sweat-proof free weights: Amazon Basics 3lb. free weight set, $13 (reduced from $14) 25% off: Sportneer Adjustable Ankle Weights, $27 (reduced from $36) Save 40%: Renoj 5 Resistance Bands Set, $16 (reduced from $26)